Professor B

Professor B

Independent Recording Artist


Hi, I’m Professor B and welcome to my website.

I perform my own music which I record and release digitally. I do everything myself - compose, perform, record, mix, master and release.

I hope you will listen and enjoy what I have to offer.

Professor B - electric and acoustic guitars

I have been busy putting together my second album - Buffalo Gone. This album is the first that I have really performed on properly (my first album was mostly MIDI and guitar emulator sounds etc. and more an experiment, or proof of concept, to see if I could release my own music) so I am much prouder of this one. I also took the time on this album to learn more about audio production engineering.

So, focusing on the production is what took most of the time on Buffalo Gone but taught me a lot that should make future albums much quicker to produce. Although I still have a lot to learn, I feel that I can now release this album to the world.

Professor B - fretted and fretless basses

As well as selling my albums on this website, I thought that I would also have a section on production to help others who liked the idea of doing the same as I have. I'm not a professional producer but I'd like to think that I can be of some help to someone out there. For those interested in the technical side of how my music is produced and released, you can visit the Production section. I will consider expanding this section in the future if there is enough interest.

Making music on a budget while maintaining a normal working and family life is not easy - especially when you are learning how to mix and master at the same time but that’s part of the adventure. I try to make the best of what I have in the hope that I will be able to re-invest in better equipment and instruments for the next time.

Some years back I also wrote a Hi-Fi kit building website called Mostly Audio which may be of interest to some.